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apply for citizenship in the united states

Apply For Citizenship

US citizenship through naturalization is the process by which individuals born in a foreign country, with foreign citizenship, can become a US citizen. We can help you gain citizenship today!

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Who is Eligible for US Citizenship?

There are various ways a person can become a naturalized citizen, including through marriage, through a close relative, through military service, as well as through a US citizen parent(s). In addition, individuals who secure a green card (or legal permanent resident status) via employment or asylum/refugee status are also able to apply for citizenship through naturalization. We will explore your citizenship options below.

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Are You Ready to file your citizenship application?

Applications for naturalization can generally be filed online or by paper and mailed to the responsible office. Online filing is often more efficient and requires a USCIS online account. Contact our office to learn more about filing for citizenship.

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Filing Applications

Filing Electronically

Once the account is created, forms, evidence, and associated fees can be submitted and paid electronically. Electronic filers will also receive case status updates in their account and will be able to track and view their case history. In addition, such filers can also quickly and easily address and requests for additional evidence that USCIS might issue. 

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Filing By Paper

Individuals who opt to file by paper must complete the requisite forms carefully and sign them. They must include any required filing fees via the payment method specified and must provide supporting documents/evidence in a paper format in the application. Such filers can still create a USCIS online account to receive status updates although it might take longer for all their information to be included/uploaded.

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Filing IS Complete!

Once applications for naturalization are filed, a confirmation receipt is generally issued. Next, a biometric services notice will be sent or issued to the applicant. The applicant will attend the biometric services appointment to provide fingerprinting and additional data to the USCIS.  

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