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Employment Based Immigration

Employment based immigration allows foreigners, with specialized skills and knowledge, to reside in the US and contribute to the US economy. Employment-based visas give foreign workers the opportunity to work in the US on a temporary or, in some cases, a permanent basis. Contact Shoreline Immigration for more information!

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What is Employment Based Immigration?

Employment-based visas allow foreigners to come to US for employment purposes. Foreigners with specialized knowledge, advanced degrees, or those who have extraordinary abilities may qualify for a visa through a wide range of employment-based immigration categories and visas. Employment-based visas can be temporary, while others can grant Legal Permanent Residency, or a Green Card. Some employment-based categories require a sponsoring employer, but foreign nationals at the top of their field may qualify for a National Interest Waiver, which would allow them to self-sponsor. Requirements and qualifications for employment-based visas vary and international candidates should consult an attorney to determine eligibility. Shoreline Immigration is available to answer all your questions.

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Employment Immigration

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