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Who Is Eligible For an O-1 Visa and How to Prove Eligibility

By Shoreline ImmigrationSeptember 27, 2023

Simply put, the O-1 visa is for non-U.S. citizens who…

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O-1: The Best U.S. Work Visa Explained

By Shoreline ImmigrationSeptember 21, 2023

O-1 visas are granted to foreign nationals who have reached…

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What is An O-3 Visa?

By Shoreline ImmigrationSeptember 14, 2023

The O-3 visa falls is a non-immigrant visa created to…

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What Is An O-1A Visa in 2023?

By Shoreline ImmigrationSeptember 12, 2023

What is the O-1A Visa The O-1A visa falls within…

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Who Is Eligible For an O-2 Visa in 2023?

By Shoreline ImmigrationSeptember 12, 2023

What is the O-2 Visa? The O-2 visa falls is…

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The Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers Form I-140 Explained

By Shoreline ImmigrationSeptember 6, 2023

What is Form I-140? The Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers…

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What Is I-140 Premium Processing?

By Shoreline ImmigrationSeptember 4, 2023

Premium Processing of the Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker (Form…

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Can International Students On An F-1 Visa Start a Business in the United States? 

By Shoreline ImmigrationJuly 26, 2023

Starting a business at any age is a difficult but…

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EB-2 VS EB-2 NIW AND The differences Explained in 2023

By Shoreline ImmigrationJuly 19, 2023

Both EB-2 and EB-2 NIW are employment-based visas in the…

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How to Apply for an EB-2 NIW

By Shoreline ImmigrationJuly 14, 2023

The EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) is dedicated to foreign…

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How to Provide Evidence for Your Asylum Case

By Shoreline ImmigrationJuly 3, 2023

Applying for asylum can be a difficult and time-consuming process.…

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How To Write an EB-2 NIW Business Plan

By Shoreline ImmigrationJune 28, 2023

The Second-Preference Employment-Based (EB-2) visa is a category for individuals…

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