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EB-1 Visa

An employment based visa for foreign nationals with extraordinary abilities. Contact our office to learn more about the EB-1 immigrant Visa!

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What is An EB-1 Visa?

EB-1 is an employment-based immigrant visa category. As an immigrant visa the qualified individual would receive permanent residency based on employment and can be self-petitioned, i.e. it does not necessarily require employer sponsorship. There are per-country limits for this visa as well as favored, or preferred, immigration sub-categories. This first preference visa category includes the following three qualification sub-categories:

  • EB1-A Foreign nationals with demonstrated extraordinary abilities;
  • EB1-B Foreign nationals that are outstanding professors or researchers; or
  • EB1-C Foreign nationals that are multinational executives/managers of certain foreign companies transferring to the US.

Qualification in one of these categories must be demonstrated by meeting a number of specific criteria and requirements.

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