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National Interest Waiver

Do you want to bring workers to the United States through the NIW program with an EB-2 Visa? Contact our offices to discuss the NIW visa program today!

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What is an EB-2 National Interest Waiver?

When someone wants to apply for an EB-2 visa (employment-based immigrant visa category), there are two options a potential applicant may consider, namely a standard EB-2 visa or an EB-2 NIW petition. The standard EB-2 visa requires that an applicant have a specific job offer from a US employer who acts as the case petitioner. The applicant must also go through a labor certification process (PERM). However, a potential applicant may also be eligible to submit an EB-2 NIW petition, which involves a waiver of the job offer and PERM process requirement. This EB-2 NIW petition essentially claims that the applicant’s admission to permanent residency would be in the national interest of the US and therefore should not be limited subject to the job offer/PERM process requirements. In a standard EB-2, a US employer is the petitioner. In an EB-2 NIW, the applicant is acting as their own petitioner.

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