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Can Asylum Seekers Get a Driver License?

By Shoreline ImmigrationAugust 6, 2022

As an asylum seeker now residing in the United States,…

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Best E-2 Visa Business Investments in 2022

By Shoreline ImmigrationAugust 4, 2022

Foreign investors and entrepreneurs alike frequently seek opportunities to invest…

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Asylum Seeker Benefits in The United States

By Shoreline ImmigrationAugust 3, 2022

When asylum seekers obtain asylum in the United States, they…

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National Interest Waiver Premium Processing: New updates in 2023

By Shoreline ImmigrationAugust 2, 2022

Fantastic news has recently come from the Department of Homeland…

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How to Switch From an E-2 Visa to a Green Card

By Shoreline ImmigrationJuly 25, 2022

Though an E-2 visa is not a guaranteed way to…

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Who is Eligible for an Asylum Green Card?

By Shoreline ImmigrationJuly 21, 2022

In the United States, an asylee is eligible and can…

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E-2 Visa Requirements

By Shoreline ImmigrationJuly 21, 2022

This article will cover all of the E-2 visa requirements…

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Asylum Interview Sample Questions

By Shoreline ImmigrationJuly 18, 2022

The Asylum interview is one of the most important parts…

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How to Write an E-2 Visa Business Plan

By Shoreline ImmigrationJuly 16, 2022

Whether the business is a new one, is already functional…

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Can An Asylum Seeker Get Married Before a Decision is Made?

By Shoreline ImmigrationJuly 12, 2022

An asylum seeker can and has every right to get…

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What is the E-2 Visa Minimum Investment?

By Shoreline ImmigrationJuly 12, 2022

The United States government has not set specific regulations for…

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How To Renew an E-2 Visa

By Shoreline ImmigrationJuly 7, 2022

Are you researching how to renew an E-2 Visa? Well,…

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