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Student Visa Posts

Can International Students On An F-1 Visa Start a Business in the United States? 

By Shoreline ImmigrationJuly 26, 2023

Starting a business at any age is a difficult but rewarding pursuit.…

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Move From a J-1 Visa to A Marriage Green Card

By Shoreline ImmigrationMarch 8, 2023

Many J-1 visa holders meet their spouse while studying in the United…

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How To File A J-1 Visa Waiver Application in 2024

By Shoreline ImmigrationMarch 6, 2023

Exchange visitors in the United States, who are subject to the two-year…

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How To File A J-1 Visa Extension in 2024

By Shoreline ImmigrationMarch 5, 2023

J-1 Visa Extension A J-1 visa extension increases the time exchange visitors…

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How to Get a J-1 Visa Waiver for Physicians

By Shoreline ImmigrationNovember 20, 2022

Foreign doctors in the United States on a J-1 visa are generally…

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J-1 Visa VS J-1 Waiver: Whats the Difference in 2024

By Shoreline ImmigrationOctober 19, 2022

In this post we look at the J-1 visa VS J-1 Waiver.…

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What Is a J-1 Visa Waiver?

By Shoreline ImmigrationOctober 5, 2022

J-1 visa waivers are for foreign nationals who have traveled to the…

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J-1 Visa Waiver Processing Time in 2024

By Shoreline ImmigrationSeptember 7, 2022

J-1 visa waivers are processed at more than one level, spending a…

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